Peabody Mills/Joe English

As a kid, I spent most of my summers in summer camp at Joe English Conservation in Amherst, NH. On the premises is the Peabody Mills Environmental Center (PMEC), which is where a lot of my camp memories are. Going back as an adult is a surreal experience. For one, I remember a lot of…

Wallis Sands State Park

I would assume that most people, when they think of New Hampshire, forget the few miles of beautiful coastline the state has to offer. The Granite State boasts a total of 18 miles of coast and we sure are proud of it. That being said, I personally think that only a portion of those 18…

Pillsbury State Park

When I got furloughed, I decided that this was going to be my summer to go camping finally.

Urban Forestry Center

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy, the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH is the place to go!

Mt. Major Hike

I found a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the expansive, panoramic view.

Get to Know Me

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always LOVED New Hampshire.