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I’m a NH native exploring my home state. Hikes, restaurants, tourist attractions – you name it!

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Peabody Mills/Joe English

As a kid, I spent most of my summers in summer camp at Joe English Conservation in Amherst, NH. On the premises is the Peabody Mills Environmental Center (PMEC), which is where a lot of my camp memories are. Going back as an adult is a surreal experience. For one, I remember a lot of…

Wallis Sands State Park

I would assume that most people, when they think of New Hampshire, forget the few miles of beautiful coastline the state has to offer. The Granite State boasts a total of 18 miles of coast and we sure are proud of it. That being said, I personally think that only a portion of those 18…

Pillsbury State Park

When I got furloughed, I decided that this was going to be my summer to go camping finally.

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